Trust and Estate Tax Preparation

estate tax preparation

Dealing with estate planning, trust set up, management and compliance can be a daunting task. Planning ahead for the protection of assets is vitally important to families, but many procrastinate with the planning. Consider scenarios where a loved one has passed away and you are the trusted person to wrap up their affairs or you’ve instantly come into an inheritance and aren’t sure how to handle the newly acquired wealth.

These specific situations can pose challenges that most people are not prepared to deal with or understand how it will impact them. By working with an attorney and CPA who are knowledgeable in not only the setup of trusts and estates, but also the compliance and laws surrounding them, you’ll be able to handle your situation properly.

Trust and estate laws are complex, subject to change and difficult to navigate. Not every attorney or CPA is experienced in these areas.

BGMF CPAs is equipped to work with the executor or trustee as well as the attorney to ensure everything is handled appropriately. From gifting to trust and estate tax preparation to understanding the regulations behind these, our Springfield, OH accountants are prepared to assist you.

Estate and Trust Tax Returns

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