Real Estate Accounting Services

real estate accountingThough we provide traditional tax and accounting services for real estate businesses, BGMF CPAs level of service and expertise is anything but traditional. Real estate offers opportunities in wealth building that are not available in other vehicles and you’ll need to enlist a seasoned advisor to help you take advantage and navigate the specifics of real estate tax and accounting.

As a real estate professional, developer or part-time investor, you need a CPA who understands the unique challenges of the real estate industry. Whether you sell real estate full time, build homes or buy properties on the side to rehab or rent, you’ll invest a lot of time focusing on each area of your business, thereby leaving little time for financial aspect. By utilizing our real estate accounting services and tax expertise, you’ll instantly gain insights to help streamline your real estate business and know exactly how you’re operating. With our CPA firm, you’ll gain access to a dedicated team who offers a unique and knowledgeable approach to real estate accounting services to guide you through financing, management and operations, profit analysis, cash flow analysis and tax strategies. We are always accessible to you throughout your dealings in your real estate business.

Specialized Services for Real Estate Companies

BGMF CPAs understands various aspects of real estate from the brokerage and sales side to the investment and analysis side. We work with clients who sell real estate, own rental property, own farmland, flip homes, develop properties, invest in large commercial projects or run full-time real estate companies. Below is a small list of ways we can assist: